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Music Artist Business Development Kit

This Music Artist Business Development Kit is intended to help guide your bands
career to teach you the process to taking care of the business side of what is often
overlooked by many bands, but is necessary if you plan on taking your bands career
seriously and to the next level. I’ve invested hours each day to the month researching,
organizing and putting to action all of what’s included in this guide. Not to mention the
many years that I’ve educated myself on the business side of the music industry and
included in this guide.

With this guide, you will know how to:

  • Register your music with a P.R.O. or Performing Rights Organization, which is used to collect both your Writer’s royalties and your Publisher’s Royalties.
  • Create a publishing company so that you can collect the Publisher’s Royalties.
  • Register your music to collect royalties for your sound recordings. This isdifferent from the writer’s royalties and the publishing royalties.
  • Register for your own ISRCs, which is a special code, used to automaticallyidentify recordings for royalty payments collected by collecting societies such asa PRO.
  • Register with a digital distributor so that your music is made available worldwideon places like iTunes, Spotify, Sony, etc.
  • Register with Nielsen SoundScan so that your music sales are calculated forcharts and awards such as the Billboard Charts and Billboard Music Awards.
  • Obtain a mechanical license to cover songs legally for physical and digitalreleases.
  • Obtain a UPC barcode
  • Register your music for full copyright protection.
  • Submit your info to the database center that will allow your album title and tracknames to show up on your fans computer or CD player. The information yourfans see does not come from the CD, it comes from a database file.
  • Make a Press Kit for booking shows, sending to record labels and more.
  • Submit your music for licensing opportunities such as TV placement.

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